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Our Christmas Recap Video

A Very Douglas Family Christmas from Justin Douglas on Vimeo.



My Friends (Sam and Justin) and I started a fun band called 2H2H a while back. We really started it as a fun way to just make fun songs about the Packers.   Our new song is called “Trash Talkin’” […]


Our Comfort (Sermon Clip)

This Sunday many of us felt uneasy as we were still grieving the tragedy of Connecticut. I felt the need to address our congregation and remind them of some truths we can cling to in times of mourning. Our Comfort […]


Selfless Love In The Face of Senseless Violence

Today I was paralyzed when I found out about the shooting in Connecticut. I immediately thought of the terror of being a child in that school or a parent of a child at risk. The pictures literally brought me to […]


A Very She & Him Christmas

Yesterday our family went out and cut down a Christmas tree… Me showing off my sweet Ugly Christmas sweater… This is the tree our daughter Magnolia wanted… Then we put it up in the Living Room… Then we decorated it… […]


Heart Check.

(Post moved from my old blog.  This post was originally made on 11/5/12) Tomorrow we will elect a new President.  Finally, we can go back to ads that contain cars whipping around corners, a football player trying to sell us […]


“What a Pastor Can Learn from the Faith of a Child” (Relevant Magazine)

Hey Everyone.  One of my articles was published on Relevant Online.  Click the Relevant Magazine below to be redirected to it.                                    

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