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Entertaining Demons

I was in downtown Harrisburg for a meeting yesterday and walked past the Capitol Building for the first time.  From a distance I snapped a picture acknowledging how beautiful and picturesque it was. As I got closer it became clear […]


An invitation for President Falwell to read the rest of the story.

Yesterday President Jerry Falwell Jr. responded to the mounting criticism of his earlier comments on guns and Muslims. I truly believe it must be hard to be President of a University in the 21st century. Considering the safety of students […]


Jesus is coming to your city. How do you feel about it?

“My fear just fuels the hate machine.” These lyrics from Thrice’s song, The Sky Is Falling, run over and over in my head when I sense fear and bigotry rise in my spirit. So often it is my fear that […]


There will never be any peace until…

A beautiful old song redone last year by The Blind Boys of Alabama and one of my favorites of last year was, “There will never be any peace (until God is seated at the conference table).” There are probably two […]

Dancing Magnolia

Magnolia Dancing

One of the coolest memories from 2013 was our many family dance parties. Here is her dancing as I sing Silent Night at our churches Gift Night celebration.


Jesus Restores: Peter’s Ministry (Part 5)

Peter is restored by Jesus. But restored to what? Peter seemed to be the leader of the disciples and as Jesus is now leaving to make way for the Holy Spirit to come, Peter is stepping fully into that leadership […]


Jesus Restores: Peter’s Restoration (Part 4)

Peter, in his seeming frustration, decides to go fishing, and some of the other disciples go with him. Adding to his exasperation is the reality that they fish all night and catch nothing. This story begins with an eery similarity […]


Jesus Restores: Peter’s Frustration (Part 3)

Jesus is going to the cross and the disciples are going into hiding. Peter is full of shame for denying Jesus. We see in John 19 the death of Jesus, and the burial of Jesus.  Then in John 20 we […]


Jesus Restores: Peter’s Denial (Part 2)

Peter faithfully followed Jesus as they fished for men. Jesus was in the process of being arrested when Peter remembered the words he shared with Jesus earlier that day, “Lord, I am ready to go with you to prison and […]


Jesus Restores: Peter’s Calling (Part 1)

We often say, “Jesus restores.” When we are broken, when life has beaten us up, when sin seems to have weaved its way into our story once again, we know we can find restoration in Jesus. Or do we? As […]

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