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Heart Check (Politics)

[This is a repost of a blog I posted on November 5th, 2012, the day before the presidential election that year. When I read it again, I found much of it helpful for where I am today, maybe you will […]


“You know God hates tattoos right?!”

“You know God hates tattoos right?!” Yup, someone actually said that to me once while gazing at my tattoo.  A friend recently reached out to me on Facebook when she saw I finished up my sleeve tattoo. She wondered how […]

Rose Garden.001

Songs As Sermons: Rose Garden

This is how the sample from Shad’s song Rose Garden goes, “I didn’t promise you a rose garden. Along with the sunshine. There’s gotta be some rain sometimes.”   Life isn’t a rose garden, or at least what we think of when we […]

There Is A Light.005

Songs As Sermons: There Is A Light…

The Smiths were one of the most iconic Alternative Rock bands. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out was one of their many prominent songs, and it is packed with meaning. The front man for The Smiths, commonly known by his last name Morrissey, […]


Songs As Sermons: Otherside

Yesterday we covered the topic of recovery at The Bridge. If your interested, you can listen to the message. I started thinking of some of the songs that have been really helpful in understanding addiction and recovery. It seems music and entertainment […]


Songs As Sermons: Light Up Ahead

Further Seems Forever is one of my favorite bands. Their opening track off their Hide Nothing record is so incredibly powerful.  Give it a listen. Watch the video that goes with it. So powerful.   May you be moved deeply […]

Make The Money.001

Songs As Sermons: Make The Money

There is this passage of Scripture that goes this way, “The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.” (1 Timothy […]

Our World Is Grey.001

Songs As Sermons: Our World Is Grey

Have you ever just stopped and asked, “Why?”   Why do I exist right here and right now?   Why does God allow us to go through so much suffering and then also so much joy? To live in this grey […]

It starts with me.001

Songs As Sermons: It Starts With Me

It starts with me.   Blame shifting is the first response to the very first sin. In the Garden we see sin enter the story and we see Eve blame the serpent, then we see Adam blame Eve. It is […]

Every Thought.001

Songs As Sermons: Every Thought A Thought Of You

mewithoutYou might be the most poetic band I listen to. Their ability to pack meaning into short phrases is astounding. I often find that their music can transport me or cause me to think on an idea for long periods […]

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