Songs As Sermons: Perfector

I have done many funerals and there is always something about doing a funeral that reminds me that one day I am going to die. It is not a thought I prefer meditating much on. Before getting married and having kids it was a lot easier to think of dying, but now I look at each stage of life and realize that I won’t want to leave.  I think if we were all honest we have some fear of death. Because everything is not clear. There are unknowns. We have to trust.


My Epic sings it this way in their song Perfector, “death is just a hook behind the door where I’ll leave my dirty clothes.”  In death we leave the mess behind. We enter into life to fullest. Life the way it was meant to be.


May this song swallow up your fear of death and provide comfort in the unknowns that this life provides.



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