Listening LGBT

Listening to the LGBT Community

This past Sunday we continued our Elephant In The Room series as we covered the LGBT Community. We decided we would take the time to listen and understand. So many assumption go into our response to the LGBT Community and often those assumption are not coming from the place of understanding or relationship.


We believe a judgment free community of acceptance, love, and authentic relationships, builds a bridge to explore and develop our faith in Jesus. And we desire to be a community of hope and love to all people, especially those who find themselves at the margins. Our doctrine is important us, but how we practice it in our unique and messy community is what we were after this past Sunday.


Louie Marven from the LGBT Center of Central PA joined us. He shared a general overview of the LGBT community and some of the specific issues that he is seeing in his work. I invite you to listen to our conversation. As you listen, may you grow in knowledge, understanding, and empathy.


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