Top Albums of 2014

In Countdown Order:

10. Every Time I Die – From Parts Unknown










I had to have at least one heavy album on this top ten. It was between this album and The Contortionist album. Both are great, but I listened to this one much more.

9. Broods – Evergreen










Good chill pop record. Some compare it to Lorde, I think it is a little bit different, but definitely in that stream. I like synth textures throughout the album, that is pretty much what kept it in rotation through the year and got it here.

8. SZA – Z










If I judged the single “Childs Play” alone it might make my top 3 or 5 singles of the year. It is a great song. The album is really good too. Chill R&B might be the best way to categorize it. Kendrick Lamar, Isaiah Rashad, and Chance the Rapper make guest appearances throughout the record. Many of the beats are very impressive.

7. Warpaint – Warpaint










Indie rock driven by female vocals and harmonies. I was really into this album when it first came out. Thought it would be top 3 for sure. Then it kind of fell back further and further. I found that the first 4 songs are great then the album kind of drops off.

6. The War On Drugs – Lost In The Dream










This album is a great Americana album. I was really into it for a while then it kind of dropped off. I think once I get the vinyl of this record it will rise on the order. I just need to listen to it more often. But it will remind you of Bob Dylan, John Cougar, and Bruce Springsteen all at the same time. Great album.

5. M/Ø – No Mythologies To Follow










This is indie electronic female vocal driven. The beats will sound hip/hop at times and then dance at other times. If you like Purity Ring you may like this album. I kept coming back to this album and really liked it. Favorite song: Maiden.

4. Manchester Orchestra – Cope










I really love Manchester Orchestra but they never really seem to release a record that connects with me start to finish. This one came really close to that. I still feel there are songs on this album that are let downs, but the songs that are great really outweigh the disappointment. The Ocean is an amazing song, and so is All That I Really Wanted. It is a great rock album. It seems that Andy Hull always makes my list one way or another (Right Away! Great Captain! or Manchester Orchestra).

3. Phantogram – Voices

20140217_115157_Phantogram Voices_300









Many people got into the Electronic Rock duo Phantogram back when Nightlife came out. I liked them then as well, but this album really made an impression on me. I love the tracks Fall In Love, Never Going Home and Howling At The Moon. It is a great album front to back for me.

2. Childish Gambino – Because The Internet










Hip hop artist Childish Gambino is bending the rules a bit to place on a best albums of 2014 list. Mainly because his album came out in December of 2013. But December is a rough month to release an album and get it on a list. Because it was such a great album I knew I had to include it. This may be one of my favorite hip hop albums front to back of all time. Usually we listen to hip hop for the singles and not really the whole album, but this one flows together real well, and there isn’t a bad track on the album, at least in my mind. Tracks to check out: Crawl, Worldstar, and Telegraph Ave.

1. Sun Kil Moon – Benji










Folk Rock artist Sun Kil Moon released my favorite album of the year back in February. In February I said, “I have my top album, lets see what comes out to dethrone it.” And nothing ever came out that connected the way this album did. I am not sure I have heard a more honest and vulnerable album in my life. It is so raw and real at times. I can honestly say that I have been driving and listening to this album and it has been like a spiritual experience and I have been moved to tears. Great album if you like songs that tell stories. I am not even going to give you a favorite song, because I like every single one.


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