Best Albums 2013 – #1


James Blake - Overgrown

When this album came out in April I was pretty sure James Blake was going to be my number one. But it was a long year and a lot of great albums later, it still landed here. It only grew on me more when I saw Blake live; it was pretty amazing. If you do not know who James Blake is then here is the best I can do: Experimental, Post-Dubstep, Soul, Electronic, and probably 5 other things. I absolutely love his soothing vocals over the music. Don’t get scared by the Post-Dubstep reference, this is more chill music then it is upbeat club music; but he uses such heavy synth sounds at times which is why he gets lumped in that category. I think every song on this album is good, it took some time for the song with RZA (Wu-Tang-Clan) to grow on me, but it did. All around great album that I will have turning on my record player for years beyond 2013.

Favorite Songs:

– Retrograde

– Our Love Comes Back

– I Am Sold

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