Best Albums 2013 – #2


Son Lux - Lanterns

This was by far my most anticipated album of the year (pre-ordered the finger print vinyl, best vinyl purchase of the year). After his last album, “We Are Rising” I couldn’t wait to hear more. “Lanterns” kept to the same experimental post-rock sound. I have even seen some that call Son Lux experimental hip-hop. I wouldn’t go that far, but it is very different, and hard to categorize. The song “Easy” is far and away my favorite song of the year. If you dig stuff that is different and uses many different sounds, then Son Lux is for you. And if you dig him then follow him on Twitter or Instagram because he is always shooting out pictures of different instruments he is sampling.

Favorite Songs:

– Easy

– Lost It To Trying

– Plan The Escape


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