Best Albums 2013 – #4-#3


Ivon and Alyosha - All The Time We Had

Name after two characters from the book The Brothers Karamazov, Ivan & Alyosha’s new record is just great. In the same way the book deals with themes of faith, doubt, God, and morality, this record does the same. On the song “Don’t Wanna Die Anymore” they sing, “It’s the good Lord and the Devil, doing battle for my soul, of the likes we’ll never know.” If you like folk / indie rock then this is for you. The band harmonizes great together, and they will remind you of fleet foxes at times. This is another that I picked up on vinyl and was not disappointed.

Favorite Songs:

– Fathers Be Kind

– Running For Cover

– God Or Man


Vanna - The Few and Far Between

I am a big fan of the old school style of hardcore music, and there is no doubt that the Boston band Vanna brings that sound on this record. I have always enjoyed listening to Vanna here and there, but this album hit me like none of there others. There is not a bad song on this album. On record store day I had the opportunity to grab this on vinyl and I passed it up, kind of regret it now, yet I am still not sure if I will enjoy listening to hardcore on vinyl. If you are a fan of hardcore or heavy music at all then you should give this album a shot. I am pretty sure this 11 song album comes in at a run time of under 30 minutes, true hardcore.

Favorite Songs:

– Please Stay

– Year Of The Rat

– Casket Rhythm


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