Best Albums 2013 – #8-#7


Pyyramids - Brightest Darkest Day

Brightest Darkest Day is a great name for this record. At times it is dark and bright, even in the same songs. Tim Nordwind from OK Go and Drea Smith from He Say/She Say are the duo that makes Pyyramids. With OK Go being an indie rock band and He Say/She Say being more electronic pop, I think this album is the perfect blend of both worlds. The vocals are what kept me coming back to this album throughout the year.

Favorite Songs:

– Do You Think You’re Enough?

– Smoke & Mirrors

– Invisible Scream


Night Beds - Country Sleep

It was a conversation with Olga from Kye Kye (who’s 2014 album is sure to make my list next year) that got me into Night Beds a few years back. “Even If We Try” is one of my favorite songs of the year, it is a particularly soft song with a lot of strings. This album kind of includes a plethora of styles from alt-country to singer songwriter acoustic or piano and even venturing to an Americana kind of sound at times. You will love this album if you are a fan of good chill male vocals, and if you have any leanings towards Alt-Country (Civil Wars / The Lone Bellow).

Favorite Songs:

– Even If We Try

– Wanted You In August

– Ramona


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