Best Albums 2013 – #10-#9


Local Natives - Hummingbird

This album is like Volcano Choir for me; I am pretty sure I am underrating it. I know it is going to continue to grow on me and probably move up the chart over time. I really just now am starting to appreciate it. “Heavy Feet” is probably one of my top five songs of the year, it is so good. The melodies and harmonies are incredibly catchy. I find my self singing these songs days after last listening to them, they implant themselves that way. If you are into Indie Rock then this is a great album, probably gonna be on most peoples top 3 for the year.

Favorite Songs:

– Heavy Feet

– You & I

– Wooly Mammoth


Sho Baraka - Talented 10th

There was a time this year when I would’ve declared Sho Baraka as one or two on my favorite albums of the year list. His transition from “Christian Hip-Hop” into just Hip-Hop seems to have given him more freedom, and you can tell it on this record. During the song “Chapter 9: Jim Crow” (a song in which Sho Baraka continually refers to “n**** island” and talks about issues of race that still exist today) he says, “Instead of the truth, they’d rather be duped, I guess they want me to make more songs for youth groups.” This album is definitely a maturing for Sho Baraka, yet don’t think that it is mature in content. While he speaks bluntly at times about race, and social issues, he also speaks bluntly about God and his faith.

Some other one liners from this album that kept me coming back:

“We get the world, but one more Adam and Eve, I got so much to hide, but I need more leaves.” – Chapter 8: Madoff
“The same person addicted to caffeine likes to look down on the person who does smoke weed.” – Chapter 8: Madoff
“I’m trying to be like the Bible, not a bad verse in me.” – Chapter 4: Mahalia
“Hip-hop your close to fifty, when can we grow up“ – Chapter 10: Peter Pan
“I know Jesus the Holy and true King, I’m to busy trying to make him a cool thing.“ – Chapter 12: ME!
“There’s ignorance in the masses, to many people think racism is past tense.” – Chapter 9: Jim Crow
“Having class is that one night stand, that took place after that bride and groom dance.“ Chapter 7: Denzel

Favorite Songs:

– Madoff

– Jim Crow

– Cliff and Claire


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