Best Albums 2013 – #16-#15


The Lone Bellow - The Lone Bellow

The Lone Bellow is the closest to country you will ever see me go. If you are a fan of The Civil Wars (who’s album was a dud, at least for me) then this band is for you. Their harmonies are great. The instrumentation is quite bluesy at times on this record, which really drew me back to it throughout the year.

Favorite Songs:

– Green Eyes And A Heart Of Gold

– You Never Need Nobody

– The One You Should’ve Let Go


Eisley - Currents

Eisley is one of my favorite bands. While I really enjoyed this album, I can also say I was expecting a little more. I did purchase the vinyl and it is beautiful. “The Valley” was such a great record and I think I just have to come to grips with the reality that it is always going to be my favorite Eisley. But with that said, there are some really great songs on this record. One of my favorite songs of the year is “Millstone.” That song is probably what helped this album actually make my top twenty, it is a softer and simpler Eisley song, but I would start there if your listening to this record for the first time.

Favorite Songs:

– Millstone

– Blue Fish

– Drink The Water


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