Bright Eyes – A Christmas Album

This is a Christmas Album that I am really digging this year.  Thanks to my very generous friend Sam Sterk who got it for me when I couldn’t make it to the record store.

I have always been a huge Bright Eyes fan, so when I heard their Christmas Album was being reissued on vinyl I thought I would check it out.

This was originally released back in 2002.  Then it was pressed in 2009 on white vinyl.  It was reissued again this year, and I must say it is beautiful packaging and pressing (the white vinyl is great). And the music really holds up for being over 10 years old.  I try to grab one Christmas Vinyl a year (Last year was She & Him), kind of a tradition we are trying to start, and this is a great addition.

I included the Spotify playlist incase you want the check out the album. Enjoy!


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