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Eating Mercifully

I don’t talk much about this, but since February I have been a vegetarian.  This is the second time period in my life choosing not to eat meat.  The first was because a buddy of mine dared me to do it, and well, I am just that kind of person.  This time around has been very different.  I am not eating meat because I am honestly convicted about it.  I want to first say, that I feel this conviction is for me, not for everyone.  So please do not interpret this post as a call for all to become vegetarians.  I do know that sharing our convictions with one another can strengthen us and point us toward truth.

With that said, I have not talked much about this decision because it tends to make others around me uncomfortable.  Either they feel bad because they chose a place to eat that doesn’t have many vegetarian options or they feel like they may be offending me by eating a hamburger in my presence.  Just so you know, don’t feel bad for either of these. First, very few places have vegetarian options, and second, I am not offended.  I often eat something vegetarian while watching my wife and kids partake in meat. Even more, some have asked “Why are you a vegetarian?” And the reality is the ‘why question’ is not best suited for a dinner table conversation.  I have kind of kept these thoughts mostly to myself since February, so I thought I would share this video that I think conveys in part my conviction.  Hopefully it challenges you to evaluate the way you eat, even if you do not come the same conclusion I have.


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