Mary 2

“I need a donkey”

Magnolia came to me this morning with her blanket over her head and said, “I have Jesus in my belly.”  I laughed even though others might find that blasphemous.  Over the Christmas season she has been obsessed with nativity scenes, the nativity story, and of course the nativity characters. Naturally she wants to be one of the nativity characters, just like she often wants to be twilight sparkle or pinkie pie (those are characters from My Little Pony, incase your Pony knowledge is minimal).

So I said “Ok, Mary.”

She quickly said out loud, “I need a donkey!”  So Brittney, who was already on the ground playing, played the donkey.

It is weird to me how much teaching and meditating on Biblical stories really stick with our children.  If you are a parent, make an effort to start teaching them the stories and start allowing their imagination to fully enter the stories.  It is a blessing seeing Magnolia engage the Biblical stories with wonder and awe.


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