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Trip Lee Cover

Trip Lee – One Sixteen

Need a Music Video to show at Youth Group tomorrow. Here is an awesome one.   Trip Lee is a great rap artist and this album was one of my favorites last year; up there with Lecrae in my favorite […]

Oakhill Correctional Institute

“I was in prison and you came to visit me”

As a pastor I have made some jail visits here and there. They always go well and I have grown in my pastoral care through these situations. Last night I had the opportunity to visit someone in prison for the […]


Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Today we celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr. I am continually challenged by Rev. King. I believe strongly in his view of nonviolent resistance. I think he was a prophetic voice that still rings true in many ways […]


The Suicide Question

A few months ago our church went through a ‘Family Matters’ series and the last Sunday of that series was dedicated to simply doing our best to answer questions related to family. It pained me to see a question about […]

Mary 2

“I need a donkey”

Magnolia came to me this morning with her blanket over her head and said, “I have Jesus in my belly.”  I laughed even though others might find that blasphemous.  Over the Christmas season she has been obsessed with nativity scenes, […]


Best Albums of 2012

Hey Everyone, here are the top Albums that connected with me this year.  I want to remind you that these are not all clean, so if it is your conviction to only listen to music that is clean please beware […]