Bon Iver – Live In Studio Video

This week, while pondering my best albums of 2012 I have been listening to a lot of Bon Iver. Last years Bon Iver album was number one on my list of albums.  It has been an album that I have listened to more times than I could count. And I can honestly say that nothing this year has even come close to that record for me.


Since I am starting to buy vinyl, I thought it best to purchase my favorite album of last year on vinyl.  It is even better listening to it on vinyl in the living room while reading a book or chilling with the kids. Magnolia likes to slow dance to a few of the songs, which is always awesome.












I found this video last week which contains three songs off the record and two other songs. It is live in studio with Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) with special guest Sean Carey. It is amazing. A must listen for those of you who are Bon Iver fans. Enjoy.

As usual, here is the Spotify playlist if you are unfamiliar with Bon Iver and want to listen to my favorite album of 2011 there.

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