Best “Greatest Hits” Albums of 2012

These are some greatest hits / anthology albums that came out this year that I liked.



Growing up I listened to Incubus all the time, I forgot how great they are until I listened to this album and relived some of my High School days.  I recognized every song and they still connected today. Very good album.










I had the great privilege of seeing Thrice on their farewell tour this year. This Album is pretty much that tour.  It is a live album of all the Thrice hits. It is so good. It is amazing to hear the evolution of Thrice on this record. They play old stuff (more heavy) then new stuff (more indie rock).  It is a very good album, although I sometimes wish it wasn’t live, crowd noise can be annoying at times.










If you haven’t heard, UnderOath is breaking up.  Yeah it kinda stinks.  I have seen them many times, but I am not going to be at their farewell tour because it only comes as close as Chicago, and of course that sold out in minutes.  This album reminds me so much of college.  I was totally into UnderOath and many of their old songs, especially “They’re Only Chasing Safety.”  Another great album to see how a band evolves and changes yet still stays relevant.  I think the newer UnderOath was some of the best progressive metal out there.  I am really gonna miss them, I thought they had at least one more studio album in them. Bummer.










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